app and web design project

The brief is to identify, design and present a micro solution that improves productivity and/ or a service for individuals, groups or organisations.

To respond to the brief, an idea was formed and researched to see if the concept was developed. The concept is to design an app that can detect the users mood through a wearable device, such as a ring, and suggest music to match it. (This is just the design and concept of the app, no coding was to be done for the assessment)

eMbrace is an app that detects your mood and suggest music to match it, though a wearable device, such as a ring. The M is capitalised on eMbrace because it stands for mood, and it also makes the brand name more interesting to read.

With the apps and technologies available at the moment, the idea has not been developed to combine both and create an app that can play music based on your mood using a wearable device.

Further research into the concept, was looking at statistics on how many people listen to music. A study was conducted in 2014 showing 93% of the United States population listens to music, spending more than 25 hours per week listening to music. With this information it was clear to continue the concept into a defined idea and start designing the micro app.

design process

Final colour palette
Fat Frank was chosen as the main font because it is easy to read and the bold font weight makes it stand it.
Rucksack was chosen as a secondary font because it is light and has many font weight variations.
Initial sketches of website

final Design

app mockup

Initial landing screen
Syncing mood ring loading screen
New landing screen once ring is connected
Detecting mood loading screen
Song suggestions screen
Playing song screen
Notification example

website screenshots


website video