graphic design and prototype game project

Envirowar is an interactive game that teaches young (year seven to nine) school children about how to be environmentally friendly in common areas such as the classroom, the kitchen and their bedrooms.

The players must choose a side, either Saviour or Destroyer, and interact with environmental sustainability from their chosen perspective. As these children are young, the items, which can be explored, are very relatable to each child; therefore making this game an introduction to basic environmentally friendly actions.

The concept for Envirowar is to educate children on the environment and making correct choices. This game differs from others as it shows both sides of the situation, saving the world and what happens if nothing it done.

For the Saviours, they learn how to make the right choices to ensure the worlds safety. The Destroyers will be shown the correct way, and then given the task to make all the green ticks change to red crosses.

the design

I used these colours because they are bright and contrast with the neutral colours. I think the colours chosen are useful in designing for a young audience.

For each object, they were drawn then scanned into Illustrator and changed into vectors but tracing my drawings. For the paper, I started out drawing the item, but it did not work how I wanted it. I took a photo and image traced it in Illustrator using shades of grey. As well as editing path to create the perfect shape.

I have added the clouds in my design because they represent the sky and make the text stand out, creating a softness as well as giving a childish feel to the game.

The destroyer side has lighning bolts to represent destruction and power.

The saviour side has the sun with rounded edges to represent compassion and kindness.

All of the characters have several variations, these are only a few. They can be customised by colour, hair type and colour and skin colour.

The saviour characters have smiles on their faces because they are saving the world.

The destroyer characters have upset-looking faces because they are destroying the world.

This font is bold and interesting typeface, which I think is useful in my design. This typeface is only used for the game title.

This font is fun, childlike and looks like is was handwritten, which fit well with the rest of the design.

This typeface is easy to read and professional looking without being the default, boring typefaces you see with Microsoft word. This typeface is used for any other text which needs to be easily read.

game storyboard

1. This student has chosen the Saviour cloud.
2. You can customise your character.
3. This screen explains how to play the game.
4. The school zone is the first level. The student is hovering over the light to see if it can be clicked.
5. The student has clicked on the light and a question has popped up. The student is choosing an answer.
6. The student’s answer was wrong, and a prompt has appeared directing them to try again.
7. This student is trying again, with the other answer.
8. The student has chosen the right answer and prompt has appeared, telling them to continue.
9. A big green tick has appeared, meaning this item has to completed. The student does this until all items have a tick.
10. This theme continues throughout Envirowar with the same process of questions and answers to earn a green tick. This level is the kitchen.
11. This is the last level in the game; the bedroom.
12. All levels have been completed, and the student has saved the world.

prototype game video