revealing objects with light


My concept was to reveal objects with light, showing interesting and different ways to photograph light.

This idea started from the previous assessment, where I did not get enough time to experiment with light, and photograph it. I wanted to explore into light photography more as I found it fascinating. I started looking at ways light has been photographed; on Pinterest and finding photographers such as Michael Taylor for inspiration. I began to experiment with light, using objects that can refect light but also objects that can create shadows or are just intriguing. It took many hours to understand how to photograph the light and focus on the objects in the dark.

The techniques I used to emphasise the ideas in the images were photographing at night for optimal darkness, and using Adobe Lightroom to adjust, highlight the light used, and balance out the images. I used a black sheet as the background for all my images, so it was dark enough to show the light. Each photo was taken with a 20 second shutter, to make sure the light was properly photographed. In Lightroom, the exposure was adjusted slightly and the clarity was changed to show more detail on the object. Through this technique I was able to relate back to my concept of revealing objects with light.