twirled typeface

typography project

Twirled is an original typeface designed for use as a decorative/display font. The movement and femininity of ballerina dancers inspired the final concept of the typeface and poster design. More specifically, the pink tinted ribbons of their ballet shoes wrapping up their ankles.

Before commencing the initial design stages, exploration with different typefaces were conducted. Using dry and wet media to experiment with different serif and sans serif fonts, some ideas were more favourable than others. Building upon them resulted in many refined options to expand on.


The aim of these is not a perfected line-work but more so a free flowing appearance resembling movement. To conform to this, the arc and beak of these were curved and tapered intentionally differing from one another, representing the freedom in the movement of ribbons.

The final poster concept is heavily based off of enlarged letters juxtaposing to smaller letters. The Twirled poster clearly showcases the effectiveness of the typeface. Below are all the glyphs that were designed for the typeface, along with the typeface poster, and process video.

final design

twirled design process video