branding project

This project is a branding design for a twtich streamer Visceroustv. He was looking for a design that was not the usual gamer style of complex designs and neon colours. The final result is the perfect combination of simple design but still fitting in with the gamer aesthetic.

It all started with a meeting to discuss what he likes and doesn't like. The client create a "design dumpsheet" where he put some fonts, colour palettes, design styles he liked to give me an idea on how to start.

From there I create a mind map of the similarities between them and started to play with the letters in visceroustv. I went to About Illustrator and typed out all the fonts from the design dumpsheet to see which was the easier to play with. I went though heaps of design ideas and singled in on a design that I loved.

After the logo was chosen, it was onto colours. This was the most fun I have had choosing a colour palette. It was tedious when it came to the specific red the client wanted but also so rewarding when it was chosen. It made for funny conversions and multiple people looking over the reds.

When the logo and colours were complete, all the other graphics fell into place and it was looking better then the client had envisioned. This was a very fun project to work on, it loved how it all turned out and I'm very grateful that he trusted me with design his twitch brand.

design process

final design

headers and Panels

Twitch Panels